Antonis Deligiannis was born and raised in Mytilini, Lesvos. He studied electrical engineering in Patras, and worked for a while as an electrician. His artistic concerns led him to work with theatrical and concert lighting. He worked for several years in this field in Athens, while now he is active in Mytilini as a sound and lighting engineer. Photography started as a hobby for him, which quickly evolved into a daily need for expression. He attended some photography courses while obtaining his drone license. Now he is also professionally engaged in photography, having participated in the creation of documentaries in collaboration with the Archaeological Service, in the creation of videos for the International Classical Music Festival of Molyvos, and in other equally important events. Important was his participation in the creation of the Teatro Due Parma campaign, in Parma, Italy, where his photo graced the theater's official media. In addition, for the last three years he has been collaborating with the Museology laboratory of the Department of Cultural Technology and Communication, University of the Aegean.
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